Mit mehr als 100+ erfolgreich realisierten Projekten haben wir ein Netzwerk und die Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden und Partnerorganisationen aus Österreich, Deutschland, Slowenien, Kroatien, Finnland, der Schweiz und aus vielen weiteren Ländern aufgebaut. Im Folgenden werden einige ausgewählte Projekte und Partner vorgestellt.


As a start-up founder you need to make R&D, legal, HR, administration, accounting, marketing, sales, financing, etc. etc. The most important aspect is the financials of your young company - if this aspect is not given at any time the start-up will fail. Therefore, we couldn’t be more happy to be assisted by Dhara Solutions concerning all aspects of finances (public funding and private equity). Thank you for your great work, I am looking forward to our cooperation to come.


Successful EU (SME Instrument), SFG, FFG and AWS funding


Dr. Christoph Grimmer

CEO, EET GmbH - Austria

Doro Turbine GmbH

Der Alltag eines Unternehmers ist geprägt von einer eigentlich nie abzuarbeitenden To-Do Liste. Man neigt dazu den Fokus von wesentlichen Aufgaben wie Strategie und Leadership zu verlieren und in operative Tasks einzutauchen.

Mit Dhara Solutions habe ich Partner gefunden, die mich im sehr zeitaufwendigen Bereich Förderwesen massiv entlasten. Der für das Unternehmen selbst noch viel größere Mehrwert liegt zudem im spezifischen Wissen und ihrer Erfahrung aus unzähligen Projekten. Mit Dhara konnten wir die Erfolgsquote unserer Einreichungen deutlich steigern – und das ist letztendlich das Wichtigste.



Successful SFG and FFG funding

Stefan Strein

CEO, Doro Turbine GmbH - Austria





Successful EU (SME Instrument), SFG, FFG and AWS funding

Dr. Joachim Metter

CEO, STAP GmbH - Germany and Croatia

i4SEE Tech GmbH



Successful AWS Pre-Seed funding


Mr. Christoph Grey

CEO, i4SEE Tech GmbH - Austria

 Starflows OG (Cloudomation) Wien


Successful FFG fundings



GF, Starflows OG - Wien, Österreich

ARTI GmbH: ARTI. Autonomous robot technology GmbH

Through the cooperation and advice of Dharah Solutions, the speed and execution of business plans could be decisively increased.

The final results were very promising and helped our company to better position itself in the market and open new business channels. As a young company, a high standard of quality is of crucial importance for us, as this is what sets us apart from comparable competing solutions.

In addition, our domain is usually difficult to understand and accessible for other professional fields. Dhara Solutions has been able to provide us with additional assistance in this area.


Successful FFG funding

Dr. Clemens Mühlbacher 

CEO, ARTI GmbH - Austria

Carrot & Company GmbH

With Dhara Solutions we always know how to approach funding for our development and design projects. This gives us the security to focus on developing web and mobile apps, on everything from design to development, for ourselves and our trusted clients.


Dipl.-Ing. Karin Pichler

Geschäftsführerin, Carrot & Company GmbH - Austria

PrimeCrowd GmbH

Within all our cooperations we are setting the quality of our partners to an high standard. As Dhara Solutions has a high success rate concerning public funding proposals in Austria and the EU, we are more than happy to connect our Investors and Startup network with them. 


Mr. Markus Kainz

CEO, PrimeCrowd GmbH -Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Aula Venture GmbH

Dhara Solutions is our partner for the financing and funding of startups from our coworking spaces. 

Regular workshops take place at all locations of the AULA Group. We and our companies are very satisfied with the authentic and targeted support which Dhara Solutions provides for "Coprporate Funding & Financing".


Jörg Peter Kahlbacher

CEO Aula Ventures GmbH and AULA x space GmbH (Graz, Leoben, Kapfenberg and Mürzzuschlag)