Writing your funding application

We will help you to find the RIGHT funding option(s), funding strategy and support you to prepare your funding application. With more than a decade of experience and a lot of successful proposals, we maximize your chances of success in receiving funding.


Writing funding applications is not only time-consuming, but also requires the proper knowledge. Our multi-disciplined team works in close collaboration with you in order to provide the highest benefit for you and your company/project.


Our services:

  • Finding the right funding for you: depending on your project, different options might be available, from thousands to several million Euro
  • Developing a detailed project structure for the funding application
  • Advice in preparation of the funding application based on your research, provided documents, and interviews with experts in your organization
  • Final quality control of the entire funding application
  • Administrative work
  • Pitch preparation
  • Project management related consulting
  • DS Project controlling and management tool kit


Dr. Vijay K Verma


+43 (0) 677 625 798 82 (direct)

+43 (0) 677 634 105 25 (office)